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Photovoltaic / Architectural Glass

Comprehensive Precision Coating and Lamination Applications

Bürkle provides a comprehensive array of lamination, coating and drying systems for a variety of applications including the manufacture of Solar Modules, architectural glass and a host of other applications.

Solar Module Coating applications includes systems for:

  • Liquid Encapsulation Materials
  • Photoresist Insulation Coating
  • Anti-Reflective Light Coating

Bürkle’s Ypsator® Multi-Daylight Lamination System provides high system thru-put having a small foot print as compared to comparable single daylight systems.

Bürkle also furnishes Single-Opening, or Flat Bed lamination systems—the Lam Lamination Lines.



This is Bürkle's very wide format roller coating system. The machine, part of the RCL family of Bürkle coating systems, is 3.4 meters (11 ft.) wide and suitable for large panels, or glass. Available with optional entrance conveyor and/or optional exit conveyor having overlapping UV Curing.


Bürkle Glass Coating

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