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EMMVEE Increases Module Capacity by 350 MW with Addition of Two Burkle Multi-Opening Lamination Lines

January 22, 2016 at 10:41 PM

The German Equipment Supplier Bürkle has received an order for 2 Multi-Opening Lamination Lines Ypsator® 2022-6 SL from EMMVEE Photovoltaic Power India. This sale is Bürkle’s first of the Multi-Opening Laminator to India.

Each Lamination Line has 6 openings and can process 2x60 cell and 2x72 cell solar modules per opening which results in a capacity of 12 modules per cycle. The Laminators are equipped with the SL-Process Technology from Bürkle, which can run with 1 Step process times from >7,5min. This makes the Bürkle Ypsator® Lamination Line an extremely high-efficiency tool with a high throughput, high uptime and high yield. This made it possible for EMMVEE Photovoltaics Power to extend its annual capacity up to 3500MW on the limited floor space in the factory.

Michael Essich, Sales Director PV at Bürkle, mentions that, “We have seen that customer like the idea for using the maximum output solution on a limited floor space or even replacing a 50 MW line with a 3x or even higher capacity. This helps the customer for expansion without building new factories which translates to time and cost savings. India is a fast growing PV Market and the Ypsator® Lamination System is the perfect solution to scale up production capacity in a short period of time. ”

Mr. Manjunatha D.V Managing Director of EMVEE says, "We are proud to have an association with Bürkle which is in line with EMMVEE’s philosophy of developing strong relationship with technology leaders."

The Bürkle Multi-Opening Lamination Line Ypsator® is available in different sizes and configurations with 4 to 10 openings. For the lamination of glass-backsheet modules the lamination process is carried out in a vacuum membrane press followed by a cooling press. For the lamination of glass-glass modules (either thin film or crystalline cells) Bürkle offers a unique lamination process. The lamination process is split into 2 steps. In the first step the modules are pre-laminated and sealed. The final lamination is carried out in a hot press with top and bottom heating platens which results in a very uniform heating and reduced edge pinch of the modules. The cooling is carried out in a separate cooling step.

About Robert Bürkle GmbH

Bürkle is focused on two core technologies, Coating and Lamination, and serves the Woodworking Industry, the Printed Wiring Board Fabrication Industry, the Photovoltaic Solar Panel Industry, and the Plastic Card Fabrication Industry. Bürkle is the pioneer in supplying Multi-Opening Lamination Lines into the PV Industry. More than 55 Multi-Opening Lamination Lines for the lamination of solar modules have been supplied since the market entry in 2008.

Bürkle is a 90 year old company with manufacturing facilities in Germany, China and sales and service offices around the world. The Group has a staff of 500 employees.


EMMVEE group of companies founded in the year 1992 ,  is an international solution provider in the field of solar energy. EMMVEE a tier one module manufacturer is leading developer and manufacturer of high performance monocrystalline and multicrystalline photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic systems in Bangalore, the silicon valley of india.

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